Making beautiful things out of all the ugly things we go through

Wow this pic took me back. There’s a lot of exciting things coming up this year. I’m looking forward to the launch of the Young Women’s Network and working with amazing females that inspire each other and who aspire not to have more but to be more. I do truly believe that saying ‘what you go through grows you’. You can use all your experiences, the ups and the downs and even the times you wanted to give up and turn them into something good. We all have something the world needs. As Mandela said ‘May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears’. We are the creators of our story and you can rewrite it however many times you want. Share your magic. #goingfortheworld #livethislife #yolo #passion #nofear #hope #love #ghana #memories #london #womenentrepreneurs #youngwomensnetwork #goingfortheworld #lovealreadywon ❤️➕🙅🏻  



“l – keep looking around me – only much more so – observing – but not only myself but others and everything – take things for what they are worth…” Monroe’s Diary 1955. I’m not one for resolutions but I’m looking forward to this New Year ahead of me. 2015 was a roller coaster of a ride, friendship, heartache, loss, unexpected encounters and celebrations. Life is a journey and we have the power to make it at as amazing as we want. Life can be tough but it’s how we face each challenge and use it that matters. We don’t always have to judge something as to whether it’s good or bad, sometimes ‘it is just what it is’. This year is going to be an amazing adventure with so many new opportunities up for the taking. #goingfortheworld #lovealreadywon ❤️➕